Adult Individual Work

As individuals, adult and child alike, there are many roles we take on in our lives; parent, child, sibling, friend, professional, leader, teacher, student, explorer, dreamer, doer, and more. All of these roles require ever shifting relationships, expectations, and hard work. Most importantly they require a balancing act to get the joy and fulfillment our many roles can provide us. We rely on ourselves and others to achieve that balance, and it’s hard!!

I love working with individuals to identify what gets in their way of living the life they want, and helping them remove those obstacles as they discover new ways to think about themselves, and the way they interact in the world.

There are many who have struggled in punishing relationships, experiencing trauma and abuse of varying types and degrees. I strive to meet each individual where they are, and help them to a place of healing, and empowerment.

Therapy is an investment of your time, money, and efforts that can yield dividends of personal and relational growth that allow you to live the life you want, with people that you love.